Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project

Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project

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Privacy Policy

Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project

What are Wimmelpictures

Wimmelpictures are simplified illustrations, full of details, that tell whimsical stories. You can find a few examples here and here and of course in my Wimmelsearchtip of the Week blogposts. 

When does it start?

I plan to begin in late February. I want to show my readers drawing and story telling techniques on developing Wimmelpictures - the kind you find in search-and-find books. 

For that reason I am looking for people who want to have themselves, their families and/or their pets drawn as a wimmel-figure and who would like to appear with their photo in my blog and social media posts. (I even will host a private group on Facebook for people who join up). 

What does it cost?

There are no costs for the participants.

How do I join up?

If you want to take part, fill out the form above, read the privacy policy, check that you accept it and send it off. Then open your mailbox. 

You will get an email from me containing a download link. Download the form which contains not only the legal aspects of the project, but room for you to tell me a little about you and your loved ones, like what kind of things do you like to do, etc. Fill that out, add your photos and send it back to me. That way I can create a scene just about you. (And about the official stuff - your data privacy is my priority. I won’t sell, lend or rent your email address. I do need your written consent to show your photos on the internet).

Wimmel mit! is wimmel-fun!

Need more info?

For further information, read Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 31. You can ask me any questions in the comments.