Wimmelsearchtip of the week 8

"Heidelberg wimmelt" Wimmelsearchtip of the week 8

Wimmelsearchtip of the week 8

Although it is still months until to Mardi Gras or even Halloween, the storks are disguising themselves with make-up. But why? Have you already found these funny birds? And where? If you like, can guess in the comments below.

If you don't have  "Heidelberg wimmelt" to search for them in, don't worry. This hurdle is easily resolved: you can find the wimmelige children's book about Heidelberg at your favorite bookseller, directly from the publisher Silberburg-Verlag, or at the online bookseller of your choice.

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Wimmelsearchtip of the week 7

"Heidelberg is crawling with" tip of the week 5

Wimmelsuchtipp of the week 7

This week I have something special for you. Search on one of the Summer pages for this happy little duck who is the mascot for the Heidelberger Rubber Ducky Race sponsored by the Round Table 22 in Heidelberg. 

Can you swim like a duck? Or even like a frog? Tell me your where your favorite places for swimming are and also whether you have found this funny duck in"Heidelberg wimmelt"

Guessing is easier of course if you have my hidden object book in your hands. You can get the popular "Heidelberg wimmelt" at your favorite bookstore, directly from my publisher, Silberburg-Verlag or the online retailer of your choice. 

Enjoy searching for more hidden pictures!

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Wimmelsearch Tip of the Week 6

"Heidelberg wimmelt" Wimmel-search tip of the week 6

Wimmelsuchtipp of the week 6

In last week's Wimmelsearch tip of the week, I promised to let you in on who wins the "Heidelberg wimmelt" bike race and also who is blowing big fun bubbles while riding in that race. You can see the bubble maker in the illustration above. Yes! It is the clown who was recently mentioned in the newspaper, the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung in issue 02. June, 2017, was discovered in its article "Viel los auf der Neckarwiese."

Did you find him already? Write in the comments below where you found him.  

And who won the bicycle race across the Neckar meadow? Take a look back at the Wimmel-search tip of the week 5 and discover that funny character. 

Or just grab yourself a copy of  "Heidelberg wimmelt." You can get the popular hidden object book of favorite bookstore, directly from the publisher, Silberburg-Verlag, or the online retailer of your choice.

Enjoy the adventures in Heidelberg wimmelt!


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Wimmelsearchtip of the week 5

"Heidelberg wimmelt" Tip of the week 5

Wimmelsearchtip of the week 5

Today we are looking at an action filled page of "Heidelberg wimmelt". It is a favorite place for Heidelberg's residents, students and visitors alike. The Neckarwiese offers a colorful hustle and bustle, a beautifully designed water playground and once a year there's a huge festival "The Living Neckar". Who can find the cycling stork today and who knows who wins the bike race? And who can discover the figure blowing soap bubbles in the race? Tune in next week for the answer.

Until then, enjoy Summer in Heidelberg. If you get to visit the Neckarwiese, write in the comments below what fun you had there. 

If you do not have "Heidelberg wimmelt" already, you can get the popular Wimmelbuch in the favorite bookstore, directly from Silberburg Verlag or at the online retailer of your choice. Hurry, it is selling out fast.  

Have fun doing your Wimmelsearch in "Heidelberg wimmelt"!

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Wimmelsearchtip of the week 4

"Heidelberg wimmelt" tip of the week 4

Wimmelsearchtip of week 4 (with Bonuswimmelsearch tip)

Yesterday, I celebrated not only the Fourth of July - "Independence Day", but also the 35th Anniversary of my first visit to Germany. 

I was 17 and without ever having met these distant relatives before, I flew to Germany at the invitation of my "Onkel" Fritz to visit his family in Heidelberg. His son, my second cousin once removed, and his wife picked me up from Frankfurt airport and for the first time I experienced what a 200 km/h (124 mp/h) Autobahn ride was like. Believe me, you can't forget this kind of Sunday driving.

I can no longer say if I visited the Heidelberg castle directly on the next day with the family. But like the young girl in the Wimmelsearch tip of the week, I took many photos with my camera. Have you stood where that girl is standing? If so, tell me about your visit in the comments below, I'd be delighted to hear about it.

And today, to celebrate my first visit, I'm giving you a bonus Wimmelsearchtip. The kissing couple, which can be seen in the background, are not only madly in love with each other, they're everywhere to be found in "Heidelberg wimmelt". But where? Because they've hidden themselves pretty well. Write in the comments below where you found them.

In Heidelberg, you can lose your heart really easily just like my "Onkel" Fritz did to his wife, my "Tante" Anneliese. Do you know where the most romantic places in Heidelberg are? Let me know and I will publish your suggestions.

And if you still don't have a copy of my Wimmelbook "Heidelberg wimmelt", you can find it in your favorite bookstore, directly from Silberburg-Verlag or from at the online dealer of your choice. 

Enjoy searching for the wimmelsearchtips of the week!

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Wimmelsuchtipp of the week 2

Perkeo and Thustu

His red hair stands out anywhere

Have you found them yet—Perkeo, the red haired Royal Dwarf and his friend Thustu (pronounced toos-to), the bridge monkey? They are the best of friends and can be found on every page of "Heidelberg wimmelt". Guess where they are right now and tell me in the comments below where else you have found them and what they were doing there.

You still don't own a copy? Don't worry, you don't have to speak German to understand "Heidelberg wimmelt", my search and find book about the wonderful city of Heidelberg. You can get it from your favorite bookseller, order it online and you can get it directly from my publisher, Silberburg-Verlag, who will mail it postage free inside of Germany. 

You still have four more days to enter and win an original signed "Heidelberg wimmelt" postcard. It's easy. Just find the dragon. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Have fun searching in "Heidelberg wimmelt!"

Wimmelsearch Tip of the week 1

Der winkende, weinende Drache aus "Heidelberg wimmelt" / The crying dragon who waves goodbye in Heidelberg wimmelt

Wimmel Search Tip of the Week 1

Today you are reading my very first "Heidelberg wimmelt" Wimmel-Search-Tip-of-the-Week.

As you can see, it is a colorful little dragon. But, why is he crying and whom is he waving goodbye to? 

It is your turn to play Sherlock Holmes. Can you find this little dragon in my new search-and-find book "Heidelberg wimmelt"? Do you know why he is sad and what Happy End he's facing?

Enter your solutions below and with a little luck win one of five original signed "Heidelberg wimmelt" postcards. (My secret tip: The answer has something to do with the Maerchenparadies (Fairytale Paradise) park at the top of Heidelberg's famous Königstuhl.)

The closing date is June 27th, 2017. 

Legal action is prohibitted. One entry per person only.

Which page of "Heidelberg wimmelt" is the little dragon on?

Fields marked with * are required

If you find the small, crying Dragon? Who can find the little crying dragon

Wimmelworkshops launch “Heidelberg wimmelt”

"Heidelberg wimmelt" in Mannheim and in Maerchenparadies, Heidelberg

A huge shout out to Ms. Keller from the Buecherei Boettger in Mannheim and to Family Mouhlen, the owners of Maerchenparadies in Heidelberg for providing the perfect locations to successfully launch my new search-and-find book, "Heidelberg wimmelt."

That is all very exciting but the best part of the weekend was working with the children of Heidelberg in "Wimmelworkshops" on how to make your own search-and-find images. The children are all great artists, one child, Louis, was very prolific, so I wanted to share what we had done together. Just scroll down a bit and glimpse at the next up-and-coming illustrators showing themselves in self portraits and in search-and-find drawings.

My thanks to Frencesco, Carlotta, Laura, Arne, Luis, Elias, Felix, Mathilda, Lina und Emely for your participation and for your wonderful drawings!

If you are interested in my "Wimmelworkshop for Kids" just let me know.


Heidelberg wimmelt – Now it is real!

Heidelberg wimmelt – now it is real!

Many have told me I should be very happy and proud because my hidden object picture book,  “Heidelberg wimmelt” which took 900 hours to illustrate, was finally done. Even though I’ve already held posters, postcards and copies of the book in my hands, something was missing. Something that I could not describe. Read More
Heidelberg wimmelt — Fun & Spass for everyone

Heidelberg wimmelt! Wimmel fun in Heidelberg!

Heidelberg wimmelt! Wimmel fun in Heidelberg!

I am so happy to announce the publication of my new search-and-find picture book, Heidelberg wimmelt, by Silberburg-Verlag.

See one of the world’s most beautiful cities from your own home. You don’t even need to know German (there isn’t any text—just plenty of adventure).

Each page is an adventure in itself, exploring the wonderful sites of Heidelberg, Germany. Experience the famous old castle, enjoy the unmistakeable view from the ‚Koenigstuhl‘ (German for ‚the king’s throne‘), see what the apes and elephants are up to in the zoo, celebrate on the ‚living Neckar‘ river and philosophize about life on the Philosphers’ Way high above the city.

There are many happy things to discover. Comment below where you have found the Granary Mice, who are on a wandering tour through Heidelberg. And have some fun with Perkeo, the castle dwarf famous for his fine clothes and his love of wine, and Thustu, the famous bridge monkey, who are always ready to play a silly prank. What other little stories have you found?

I’ve even drawn many of the residents of Heidelberg into the book, too. I know that at least one person has already found himself and his dog, a sweet pug, at the castle. And who couldn’t lose their heart in Heidelberg?

It is now available in the book stores and also can be ordered online—you can even order directly from the publisher! Click on the words “in den Warenkorb” which mean “place into the shopping basket”. If you would rather purchase Heidelberg wimmelt from a book seller give them this ISBN number: ISBN 978‑3‑8425‑2006‑6

If you are planning to be in the area, I will be officially launching Heidelberg wimmelt on June 3rd and 4th at Maerchenparadies in Heidelberg, with a sneak-preview at the bookstore, Büchhandlung Böttger, in Mannheim, on June 2nd. I’ll post more details close to those dates.

Stay tuned. I am planning the „Making of Heidelberg wimmelt. Sign up for my newsletter for a behind the scenes look at creating „Heidelberg wimmelt.“ Don’t miss out.

Heidelberg wimmelt
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