Wimmelsearchtip of the week 4

"Heidelberg wimmelt" tip of the week 4

Wimmelsearchtip of week 4 (with Bonuswimmelsearch tip)

Yesterday, I celebrated not only the Fourth of July - "Independence Day", but also the 35th Anniversary of my first visit to Germany. 

I was 17 and without ever having met these distant relatives before, I flew to Germany at the invitation of my "Onkel" Fritz to visit his family in Heidelberg. His son, my second cousin once removed, and his wife picked me up from Frankfurt airport and for the first time I experienced what a 200 km/h (124 mp/h) Autobahn ride was like. Believe me, you can't forget this kind of Sunday driving.

I can no longer say if I visited the Heidelberg castle directly on the next day with the family. But like the young girl in the Wimmelsearch tip of the week, I took many photos with my camera. Have you stood where that girl is standing? If so, tell me about your visit in the comments below, I'd be delighted to hear about it.

And today, to celebrate my first visit, I'm giving you a bonus Wimmelsearchtip. The kissing couple, which can be seen in the background, are not only madly in love with each other, they're everywhere to be found in "Heidelberg wimmelt". But where? Because they've hidden themselves pretty well. Write in the comments below where you found them.

In Heidelberg, you can lose your heart really easily just like my "Onkel" Fritz did to his wife, my "Tante" Anneliese. Do you know where the most romantic places in Heidelberg are? Let me know and I will publish your suggestions.

And if you still don't have a copy of my Wimmelbook "Heidelberg wimmelt", you can find it in your favorite bookstore, directly from Silberburg-Verlag or from at the online dealer of your choice. 

Enjoy searching for the wimmelsearchtips of the week!

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Wimmelsuchtipp of the week 2

Perkeo and Thustu

His red hair stands out anywhere

Have you found them yet—Perkeo, the red haired Royal Dwarf and his friend Thustu (pronounced toos-to), the bridge monkey? They are the best of friends and can be found on every page of "Heidelberg wimmelt". Guess where they are right now and tell me in the comments below where else you have found them and what they were doing there.

You still don't own a copy? Don't worry, you don't have to speak German to understand "Heidelberg wimmelt", my search and find book about the wonderful city of Heidelberg. You can get it from your favorite bookseller, order it online and you can get it directly from my publisher, Silberburg-Verlag, who will mail it postage free inside of Germany. 

You still have four more days to enter and win an original signed "Heidelberg wimmelt" postcard. It's easy. Just find the dragon. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Have fun searching in "Heidelberg wimmelt!"

Wimmelsearch Tip of the week 1

Der winkende, weinende Drache aus "Heidelberg wimmelt" / The crying dragon who waves goodbye in Heidelberg wimmelt

Wimmel Search Tip of the Week 1

Today you are reading my very first "Heidelberg wimmelt" Wimmel-Search-Tip-of-the-Week.

As you can see, it is a colorful little dragon. But, why is he crying and whom is he waving goodbye to? 

It is your turn to play Sherlock Holmes. Can you find this little dragon in my new search-and-find book "Heidelberg wimmelt"? Do you know why he is sad and what Happy End he's facing?

Enter your solutions below and with a little luck win one of five original signed "Heidelberg wimmelt" postcards. (My secret tip: The answer has something to do with the Maerchenparadies (Fairytale Paradise) park at the top of Heidelberg's famous Königstuhl.)

The closing date is June 27th, 2017. 

Legal action is prohibitted. One entry per person only.

Which page of "Heidelberg wimmelt" is the little dragon on?

Fields marked with * are required

If you find the small, crying Dragon? Who can find the little crying dragon

Wimmelworkshops launch “Heidelberg wimmelt”

"Heidelberg wimmelt" in Mannheim and in Maerchenparadies, Heidelberg

A huge shout out to Ms. Keller from the Buecherei Boettger in Mannheim and to Family Mouhlen, the owners of Maerchenparadies in Heidelberg for providing the perfect locations to successfully launch my new search-and-find book, "Heidelberg wimmelt."

That is all very exciting but the best part of the weekend was working with the children of Heidelberg in "Wimmelworkshops" on how to make your own search-and-find images. The children are all great artists, one child, Louis, was very prolific, so I wanted to share what we had done together. Just scroll down a bit and glimpse at the next up-and-coming illustrators showing themselves in self portraits and in search-and-find drawings.

My thanks to Frencesco, Carlotta, Laura, Arne, Luis, Elias, Felix, Mathilda, Lina und Emely for your participation and for your wonderful drawings!

If you are interested in my "Wimmelworkshop for Kids" just let me know.


Heidelberg wimmelt – Now it is real!

Heidelberg wimmelt – now it is real!

Many have told me I should be very happy and proud because my hidden object picture book,  “Heidelberg wimmelt” which took 900 hours to illustrate, was finally done. Even though I’ve already held posters, postcards and copies of the book in my hands, something was missing. Something that I could not describe. Read More
Heidelberg wimmelt — Fun & Spass for everyone

Heidelberg wimmelt! Wimmel fun in Heidelberg!

Heidelberg wimmelt! Wimmel fun in Heidelberg!

I am so happy to announce the publication of my new search-and-find picture book, Heidelberg wimmelt, by Silberburg-Verlag.

See one of the world’s most beautiful cities from your own home. You don’t even need to know German (there isn’t any text—just plenty of adventure).

Each page is an adventure in itself, exploring the wonderful sites of Heidelberg, Germany. Experience the famous old castle, enjoy the unmistakeable view from the ‚Koenigstuhl‘ (German for ‚the king’s throne‘), see what the apes and elephants are up to in the zoo, celebrate on the ‚living Neckar‘ river and philosophize about life on the Philosphers’ Way high above the city.

There are many happy things to discover. Comment below where you have found the Granary Mice, who are on a wandering tour through Heidelberg. And have some fun with Perkeo, the castle dwarf famous for his fine clothes and his love of wine, and Thustu, the famous bridge monkey, who are always ready to play a silly prank. What other little stories have you found?

I’ve even drawn many of the residents of Heidelberg into the book, too. I know that at least one person has already found himself and his dog, a sweet pug, at the castle. And who couldn’t lose their heart in Heidelberg?

It is now available in the book stores and also can be ordered online—you can even order directly from the publisher! Click on the words “in den Warenkorb” which mean “place into the shopping basket”. If you would rather purchase Heidelberg wimmelt from a book seller give them this ISBN number: ISBN 978‑3‑8425‑2006‑6

If you are planning to be in the area, I will be officially launching Heidelberg wimmelt on June 3rd and 4th at Maerchenparadies in Heidelberg, with a sneak-preview at the bookstore, Büchhandlung Böttger, in Mannheim, on June 2nd. I’ll post more details close to those dates.

Stay tuned. I am planning the „Making of Heidelberg wimmelt. Sign up for my newsletter for a behind the scenes look at creating „Heidelberg wimmelt.“ Don’t miss out.

Heidelberg wimmelt
ISBN 978‑3‑8425‑2006‑6
Schönbuchstraße 48
D-72074 Tübingen

The Day Before

Little Hero—Fighting the Enemy Illustration of young boy with cowboy hat

The Day Before

Today I am taking a moment of my time to express my worries about tomorrow. Because tomorrow is election day and I am not sure that America, my homeland, really understands that this election will effect the world.

I am writing without knowledge of what tomorrow will bring. I am writing with a pit in my stomach that I will wake up on Wednesday to see that the catastrophe has happened. We, the People, seldom learn from the past. We, the People, are participating in an election which not only shows the faults in American politics, but also the growing chasm among the American people.

My eighth grade History teacher taught us that history moves as a spiral. There are times of peace. There are times of greed, hunger for power and war. We are basically just repeating the deeds we always have done, just in different places, at different times and our heroes and enemies carry different names. The acts, however, are the same.

From experience I know that my country—at least since my earliest childhood—needs an enemy to function as a whole. I worry, though, that the enemy that we are searching for, can be simply found in a mirror.

The Frankfurt Book Fair

hoffmanillustrates! friendly little illustrations since 2004

Simple Steps for Success at the Frankfurt Book Fair

It was "The Fair", expressly spoken with a long sounding 'e' as if there were never any other fairs. But for book illustrators everywhere, especially in Germany, it is "The Chance" to make yourself known.

It was also one of my best fairs, having come back with three new projects for the coming year and more than a ton of impressions, inspirations, and memories of good conversations.

How to be Successful at the Frankfurt Book Fair

How to be successful at the fair? You often hear that you absolutely need to print postcards. Well, no, you don't. You just need a really good business card, a well organized portfolio, advanced planning, some time and some patience.

This year, I skipped the postcards—I didn't have enough time to make any, feeling like the shoemaker whose children always run around barefoot. Instead I made a Book Fair Survival Kit consisting of some home baked chocolate chip cookies (to emphasize the American me) and some tea for the frazzled nerves of the editors who had to spend the whole day in their booths.  Of course I attached my business cards that I printed at moo.com so they could remember me. Everyone seemed extremely grateful to be just given something just for them to enjoy. It was my way of thanking them for listening and for exchanging ideas. 

Trade Fair Survival Kit
My 'Trade Fair Survival Kit'/Mein Überlebenspaket für die Frankfurter Buchmesse

I think one of the nicest things said about my portfolio was that it was 'stimmig', which means harmonious even though I did show different styles of illustration. The other was one editor's delight because of the emotions my figures display.

This year my visit at the fair was much more relaxed, I had three appointments with editors, one about a book I am doing, one to talk about a future project and one to meet the art director of a publishing agency with whom I had contact this past year.

It always is a good thing to keep up personal contact. My first appointment was with someone who I had met in 2009 with whom I'd kept in touch with and who would like me to illustrate his project.

Plan in an extra day just to enjoy the wealth of literature. It is a great source of inspiration.

I only approached a stand if I really felt there were similarities in the styles of books they offered. My motto "Do you suit my style?" keeps me confident.

My decision to visit three "Portfolio Reviews" was a spontaneous one, the lines weren't long and I felt like introducing myself. (While I was heading towards one at Compact Kids, I saw the line for Carlsen… it was already 30 illustrators long queuing around the corner. That is the kind of line you want to avoid.) Again, having my portfolio prepared so that all of the pictures read in one direction made a more coherent impression and a professional impact.

Acknowledging the editor as a person and not just as a way of getting business is another way of connecting in a positive way. Even if they laughed and called my cookie packages "bribery", I had some really nice conversations at the fair because of them.


Although the Guest Countries were Flanders and the Netherlands, you couldn't help but feel the current conflicts around the world. Refugees were a big theme, be it writing about how to help them, listening to prominent speakers speak about refugees or as I found at a small stand carrying books from Iran and Irak, how a war could be seen through a child's eyes.

The book "Tales of the Open Window" by Mohannad Alaqus and illustrated by Fereshteh Najafi nearly brought me to tears. It tells of a child whose father's atelier becomes the only peaceful place around him, but also about how the child rises above his fears to help his friends through his drawings. In the end, he made the war planes into birds of peace. When you read this one quiet and beautifully illustrated book, many other things become insignificant. 

But if that book can have a happy end, then I can, too.

There were coloring books 'for Real Men', cut-out board books, stickers, cups, journals (and I thank the representative from Arti Kalender and Promotion Service for the lovely travel journal. My other one is nearly full (I'll post some more pictures from that soon here and on Instagram) as well as pop-up books.

There were some great little meter-long pop-up city skyline books from an English publisher, Walker Books Limited, and some beautiful design books to dive into at Verlag Hermann Schmidt, a publisher dedicated to typography and design…and whom I've promised to make room on my bookshelves for more of their books, I think I might start with 'In unsrer Küche wird gedruckt' (We Print in OUR Kitchen) to help me with the annual Postcard Dilemma. 

If you are an illustrator and haven't been to The Fair yet, then put it on your bucket list. It is worth every minute!


Textilworkshop mit Johanna Fritz und Rebekah Ginda bei Limetrees, Hannover, 10.09.2016



October is the most exciting time of the year for illustrators. It's time for the Frankfurt International Book Fair. The whole international book industry is going to be there. I'll be there, too, meeting with publishers, editors, art directors and colleagues and will be reporting via Instagram about what I see and experience. Every free minute I get will be invested in enjoying the latest novels, art books and cover designs, uncovering upcoming trends and getting many new ideas for the coming year. I'll be sure to share them with you on my After-A-Fair-Blog-Post. Are you an illustrator with questions about planning a successful Frankfurt Book Fair visit? Then post your questions in the comments below.

Even though I am almost drowning in work, I treated myself this Sunday to with Johanna Fritz and Rebekah Ginda, who held an exciting workshop on textile design for illustrators in Hanover at Limetrees. The photos show the course in different stages, e.g. How do you get inspiration, practical things like stamp-techniques, and for me especially important: how to create a rapport–a print which can be  repeated seamlessly. I really enjoyed learning and networking with so many talented colleagues. This workshop is highly recommendable to any illustrator interested in pattern design. Johanna and Rebekah offer not only really great know-how, their instructions were clear and easy to understand, and are both great fun and friendly to boot. Thanks to this workshop, I now have another way of marketing my illustrations

And now back to work. There's a double page of the "Heidelberg wimmelt", which wants to get finished today.

PS last-but-not-least! Can find me on RedBubble! Just in time for Halloween, I have a monster picture in the shop. Trick or Treat! After the Frankfurt Book Fair is finished, I'll be uploading more work to embellish great shirts, cups and cell phones. And you'll profit from what I've learned this past Sunday at Johanna's and Rebekah's pattern design workshop.  If you are looking for a particular picture that you want to buy on a RedBubble product post here in the comments. I'll be happy to whip something up.


Thanks Conny!

A Big Thank You!

I’m sending a big thank you out to Conny Danner for solving a problem that had been holding me back from working on my website and my other projects: At the beginning of the week, the WordPress Dashboard disintegrated into plain, barely navigable Text. Nothing worked as it should have.

I couldn’t blog (see, now I can) and couldn’t get my other work done properly because I was looking for a fix.

And apparently this is a problem showing up in other websites that are connected with my host: Strato, who denies that it has anything to do with it.

And now, a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to Conny, a super wonderful Superwoman, who also happens to run a very successful Agency in Aschaffenburg.