About me… 

Kimberley Hoffman ©Fotostudio Elenass

I create friendly illustrations for children and families. My clients are publishers, ad- and marketing agencies and even not-for-profit agencies. I also work with private clients who wish to publish their own books, including board books. Get in touch with me.

My Dream Client Relationship

My favorites are the ones that have a smile in their voice. Even if it isn‘t there to begin with – I like to tickle it out of them with my illustrations and designs.

Whether you find security in details or are a free and easy ,just about like that‘  or even an ,I dunno, surprise me‘ kind of client, I‘ll give you the results that will make you smile.

Do you need more details?

You can ask me questions like: So how does an American end up in Germany?

Believe it or not, it was a dark and rainy Friday the 13th with a chain of events pinnacling in Café Heidelberg in New York. (If anyone is into WWII stories, that is where all the spies hung out, I‘ve been told). Three months later, I came to Germany on a one-way ticket (stipulation of my now husband. Back then I'd known him for only 3 weeks before I made the decision to fly). That was 1992 and I haven‘t looked back since.

But getting back to the creative side of things… I‘ve been drawing and creating ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and thanks to a negative comment from one of my art teachers (Mr. S of NH Highschool) and a good bit of healthy strong will, I taught myself to draw, got accepted to Parsons School of Design‘s Illustration Program, graduated and came to Germany.

You can also ask me questions like:

What kinds of illustrations do you do?

Well, my focus is on communication design for children and families, but I do love doing things like illustrating for Springer-Gabler Verlag, which is a non-fiction publisher and doing realistic illustrations. I also have a penchant for creating Search-and-Find pictures, event drawing and am proud to have been nominated for the German Design Award 2016 for LineLino Auf dem Bauernhof.

Do you just illustrate?

No. I keep things going so as not to get stale. I enjoy working on real 3-dimensional objects and teaching others about illustration and design. Currently, I tutor students at OCAD, an online preparatory college in England (college being the equivalant of an American high school). I also take on classic print media projects and book design.

Where do you get your ideas?

From everywhere. All around. I love doing research for historical illustrations. I‘ve always been an observant person, making notes and scribbles in my sketchbook. I watch kids play and when I‘m out with my sketchbook, feel honored when they draw for me. (My most recent kid-sketch is from an 8 years old girl I met at a recent outdoor festival. It is of a spotted pony named Flecki, which is a name you would give a spotted pony in Germany) It burns things into my brain that way. I am definitely a ,paper first‘ illustrator and grow my illustrations either in Photoshop and/or Illustrator or further in a physical, paper form.

What is important to you?

A satisfied client. A trustful client relationship. Good design and fantastic illustration.

Because at the end of the day, I want my work to make you smile.

Have you got a project that you want to smile about? Let me know the details by mail, contact form or phone +49 (0) 53 31-3 36 20.

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